Gravette School District

The Pride of Arkansas

Welcome to Food Service

  • Lunch Prices

    Pre-K-5  $2.15

    6-12      $2.40

    Adult/Guest $3.50


    Breakfast Prices 

    Pre-K-2 $1.25

    6-12     $1.50

    Adlt/Guest $2.00


    Coming Soon to High School and Glenn Duffy Elementary 

    (2CB) Second Chance Breakfast Starting January 3rd 2017 

    All students will have the opportunity to eat breakfast at a later time, Somtimes students just aren't hungry early in the morning. Gravette Food Service is happy to announce that we will offer breakfast at a later time each day. All student are encouraged to take advantage of our full breakfast from 7:30am -7:55am each morning. Glenn Duffy will not have 2CB on the 1st Monday of each month its (Rise and Shine).