Welcome to Special Education

  • Gravette Public Schools is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to learning for all students.  

    Our special education teachers are continuously learning new techniques, sharing ideas, and resources with all stakeholders.  Our teachers attend workshops and conferences to increase our knowledge and expertise.  These professional development activities provide tools for teaching, innovative ideas to implement within the classroom, as well as information to share with our regular education colleagues.
    The power of communication has shown to be an effective tool in student success.  We welcome parent calls, emails, and input throughout the school year and understand the importance of meaningful communication between home and school.  We encourage all those involved in our school to communicate with the special education teachers so that interventions may take place when necessary, and to improve the success of our special needs students.
    We are committed to building positive relationships with outside resources and other providers in the community and surrounding areas.  It is important that all agencies collaborate to achieve common goals.
    Academics remain our focus in special education.  We individualize instruction based on the students' needs.  This is important at all levels, from early literacy learning, through adolescence, and throughout high school as students explore career options are prepare for adulthood.