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  •  GATE Philosophy

    The gifted and talented program in the Gravette Public Schools is built on a fundamental belief in serving the needs of all our students as unique individuals. We believe that gifted and talented individuals have special characteristics and learning styles, and that their potential for accomplishment is such that they require special provisions, experiences, and services not provided for in the regular instructional program.

    We are committed to providing a program for identifying and meeting the needs and interests of our gifted students. The identification and placement of these gifted and talented students will be based on documented objective and subjective evidence of above average ability, creative thinking, and task commitment.



    On Saturday, Feb. 6th, Seventh graders Lorelei Kellhofer,

    Shylee Morrison, Kolton Varner, Brook Deihl, Seth

    Lewman, Lane Wilkinson, Johnny Dunfee and Tristian

    Batie took the college entrance exam, the ACT, in

    conjuction with Duke University’s Talent Identification

    Program. This is the first time that this many Gravette

    middle school students have gone to the high school to

    take advantage of the opportunity to experience the

    ACT. These students truly are preparing for their future

    college career! Way-to-go!! Good luck on your results!