Mr. Allison

Phone: 479-787-4160


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Music Education (Band)-Henderson U Certified in Art Education -U of Arkansas Certified in Choral Education -Arkansas Tech U

Mr. Allison

74il75q  This is the code to join my choir google classroom. Questions? Call 479-439-0818 or email

See the 6th and 8th grade newsletters for details about my classes activities.

I have been teaching in the Gravette School District since 2004.  When I began I taught at the Upper and the Middle School but now I teach only at the Middle School.  I am certified in Art, Band and Choir or the A, B, C's as I like to say.  This year I am teaching Eighth Grade Art, one Seventh Grade Art, Sixth Grade Choir, and Music Appreciation. 

My wife Nancy and I have two chinchillas, a parakeet and a bunny named Boo Boo.  In the fall and early spring we walk the trails of Madison and Newton Counties enjoying the scenery.  My favorite hobby is building small furniture.  Let's have a great year!

Boo Boo Bunny

Originally a boo boo bunny was a piece of cloth folded to look like bunny ears with sugar or molasses inside to sooth a crying baby.  It was to make you feel better.  Nancy loves animals of all kinds and occasionally she gets Boo Boo out of her cage and pets her and holds her.  It makes her feel so much better so she calls her Boo Boo.

Sidney our first chinchilla

We we first got Sidney we let him loose in the house.  We didn't realize he would chew on everything. But one day he was sitting on the floor in the other side of the room, I was sitting on the couch and he jumped up 6 feet and moved about 8 feet across the room and landed in my lap. An astonishing burst of energy to be sure.

Here is the story of how the parakeet came to live at our house.  This summer Nancy came in and said, "there's a parakeet walking down our street."  "Where's the bird cage?"  I told her it would be a shame to put a free bird in a cage but she got it and went out to the street.  She started talking softly to the bird, she set the cage down and the bird ran to her!  It climbed on the cage, on her shoulder, back on the cage and finally she got it on her finger and put it in the cage.  It was starving.  When we fed it the bird didn't stop eating for an hour.  Nancy went around our neighborhood but no one claimed it.  So now several times a day it sings to us.  It gets excited when we run the water in the sink and it twirls around on its perch singing and chirping.  In the morning Nancy and Bailey the bird sit outside and watch the hummingbirds.  There are all kinds of birds in our back yard and Bailey tries to mimick them all.  He even sounded like a barking dog when our neighbors dog was barking.  Nancy rescued the bird a week after her birthday.  I told her God sent her a bird for her birthday. :-)