May 21 Update

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    Update from Superintendent, Dr. Richard Page



    Gravette Public Schools

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    April 13, 2020





    Dear Families and Community Members,


    As we have now heard, Governor Hutchinson has closed schools for the remainder of the

    2019 -2020 school year. As a community and school partnership, we are in this together for the education of our children. Thanks again for your cooperation and patience as we find ways to support each other during this difficult time.


    Here are some items of information you need to know:

    1. School Information can be found on the Gravette School     District's website and facebook pages.Specific school building information is also located on each school buildings website and          facebook pages.

    2. The district will continue with new learning. Assignments and            assessments are still expected to be turned in for grades and            attendance. However, the pace of your learning may be less              rigorous and may be done in a shorter amount of time.

    3. Each building will be scheduling times for students to pick up            personal belongings. These are tentatively scheduled for the last        two weeks in May except for high school seniors. Senior                    information will be shared through Gravette High School Staff.

    4. At this time, the district will not be hosting a summer school for        grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. However, the high school      will be continuing to offer on-line core classes for students                needing to recover lost credits.

    5. Paper copies of homework for students in grades PK - 8 may be        dropped-off in the foyer of Glenn Duffy E lementary, Gravette            Upper Elementary, and Gravette Middle School.


    I am very proud of our community and the love that you are showing to your children and to each other. Even in this time of stress and worry, you are handling it well and taking it in stride. As we have heard, this too will pass and some normalcy will prevail. Life as we have known it will resume. Hang in there and don't give up.



    Dr. Richard Page

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    Gravette Public Schools

    609 Birmingham Street S.E. Gravette, Arkansas 72736

    Office: 479.787.4100

    Fax: 479.787.4108



    April 6, 2020




    Dear Gravette Families and Community,


    The Governor has announced today that schools will now remain closed for on-campus instruction to the end of the school year.  The school calendar ends on May 6, for the senior class and May 20, for all students. Therefore, we will continue with the Alternative Methods of Learning Instruction using digital lessons as well as paper copies for the younger grades. Remember, it is very important that you continue to upload or download your lessons if you are using computers to access Google Classroom. Paper copies can be dropped off in the foyer at Glenn Duffy and Gravette Upper Elementary Schools. Internet accessibility is now available at the Gravette Upper Elementary School,

    Gravette Middle School and Gravette High School parking lots for you to

    upload or download lessons. Parents may park on the parking lots of any school to access the district's internet.


    In addition, the Gravette School District is still committed to offering a Jr./Sr. Prom and Graduation Ceremony. At this time, a date has not been set for either event.


    Meal service will continue to specific locations for students that sign up on the district's  website. Please look for the COVID-19 tab on our website for the sign-up form.


    Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work. Let us know if you need anything. I know this is not easy and we thank you for your patience and cooperation during this difficult time.



    Dr. Richard Page


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     March 31, 2020



    Dear Parents and Families:


    We hope this communication finds you staying safe and practicing social distancing. As you know, the district has been closed to on-campus instruction by the Governor through April 17, and is tentatively reopening on Monday, April 20.  Since spring break, a few items need to be updated and communicated to you regarding school operations.


    It is the district’s plan to continue providing breakfast and lunch meals at this time. However, we do ask that you allow the drivers and food service workers the appropriate distance when distributing the meals by not congregating by the bus. Please use social distancing when picking up your meals.


    Students at Glenn Duffy Elementary and Gravette Upper Elementary may drop-off their Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) packets to the schools or to the bus drivers. A basket will be located in the foyer of the school building offices for you to drop off your work. Please remember, grades and attendance are counted when your work is turned in and marked as received. The outer doors will be open, but you will only be allowed to enter the building by calling or texting the building office phone. Signage is located outside the buildings that will also provide the phone number.


    Also, be sure and visit the COVID -19 link on the Gravette School District website and facebook pages for updated school information. The district will continue to post resources to supplement the AMI lessons.


    Remember, the state has made the decision to not administer the state ACT Aspire testing.

    Therefore, the test is cancelled for the current year.


    Lastly, at this time, the district is still planning to have a school prom and graduation event.  Seniors are expected to finish their courses on-line for the remainder of the school year.


    These are trying times for all families as we struggle with unprecedented pandemic and financial issues. As educators, we want to help make this time easier by providing as much support as possible. We hope that you will use the AMI lessons and resources as a way of making the time productive during these difficult days.


    Please be safe and take care,

    Richard Page

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    March 19, 2020




    Dear Parents and Families,

    As of today, March 19, 2020 the Gravette School District has been mandated to close the buildings for classes through Friday, April 17, and will tentatively reopen on Monday, April 20. The Governor reported today that the number of Coronavirus Infections has increased around the state, therefore, an extended school closing is necessary.

    The Gravette School District will continue to implement the Alternative Method of Instructions Plan. We ask that parents continue to support the use of paper copies and technology in the delivering of instruction. After spring break the district will be sending out more details on the collection of assignments and assessments as well as the delivery of new instructional content.

    Communication through email, social media, building and district websites will be the main sources to find updates on student work and services being provided by the district. Please feel free to contact your building principals at their respective buildings if you have questions or concerns.

    The administration of state testing, which is usually conducted in the first weeks of April, may be postponed or cancelled. More details are expected in the upcoming weeks.

    The Gravette School District will continue to look at the safety of its staff during this time. All events between now and April 17, are cancelled and may be rescheduled at a later time, if possible.

    We have been blessed to have a wonderful staff, students, and community. It definitely takes a village when times, such as these, present itself. It is our intent to allocate all of our resources to provide you and your children the best education possible.

    Remember, the district will be closed the week of (March 23 —27) for spring break Lunch and bus service will not be provided during the break.


    Dr. Richard Page

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