GUE Teachers Dusti Larsen (left) and Emily Ensor (middle) will each receive a $1,500 grant from Cox Charities to support students. GMS Special Education Teacher Tresa Davis (right) will receive a $1,000 grant from Cox Charities. 

Larsen will receive a grant to support kids with math fluency. Her program will be called Facts to the Future! Every math teacher at GUE will get a tub full of fluency games and activities to increase math fact fluency. 

Ensor's program is called Decoding with Dyslexia. Her program will help support students with dyslexia. Both teachers will receive the funds in the fall and begin their programs this spring. We're thankful to have not one but two teachers to receive this grant! We can't wait for this and to see our students thrive! We're thankful to have teachers who help our kids succeed!

Davis's program is called Lion Pride Special Garden and she will teach students skills to maintain a garden. GMS students in resource and special education classes will learn how to plant, grow, and harvest a variety of vegetables and fruits. Students will use the raised beds in the courtyard of the middle school. "It's a lifelong, learning experience", said Davis. Students will use math skills to measure planting space and the growth of plants. Writing and reading skills will be used to analyze food distribution and how to deal with surplus food. A community group will be created to decide what vegetables and fruits to plant. 

All three teachers will receive the grants in November from Cox Charities and implement the programs during the spring semester. Congratulations! #experiencethepride