Do you want to be a "Volunteer of the Day" at GDE?

The purpose of our volunteer program is to help teachers and staff with everyday tasks like copying, cutting, assembling materials, bulletin boards, filing, etc. Parents, grandparents, & family members are welcome to volunteer! We're asking for only one volunteer per day to minimize COVID-19 exposure. Volunteer work doesn't need to be for the entire day. Please sign up for a day with this link

For questions or more information contact Faith Hendricks, Family Engagement Facilitator.

Lunch Volunteers

We are always looking for volunteers and we have a great opportunity for the month of September to allow volunteers into our daily lunch routine. We are looking for fully vaccinated parents, grandparents, or guardians that would like to work our lunch duties. In order to volunteer, we would need you to be available from 10:45a-12:45p. You can sign up here. Please select a day that you are available. We will give you a call to let you know if we need you that day.