science fair

The purpose of the Gravette Upper Elementary Science Fair is to give all GUE students the chance to perform independent research and have it judged by real scientists. Projects will be presented to parents and the community at the Gravette School District Academic Success Center.

Parent Involvement guidelines:

Parent involvement in planning projects and gathering materials is expected for elementary students.

  • Third to fifth grade students can carry out a long-term project for school with most steps broken down by a parent or guardian.

  • Most students will need adult direction in time management. Independent long-term project management isn't a realistic expectation until middle school.

  • Parent guidance is also necessary for safety.

  • Parents will need to supervise fair board assembly.

  • Students will be interviewed independently by judges on January 10, 2023.

Still have questions? Look no further! Ms. Ozbun created a website that explains every aspect 🧪 The deadline to sign your child up is October 14th! Click here: